Being overweight can be a heavy burden

Being overweight can be a heavy burden

Excess body weight is generally seen as a purely aesthetic problem by the general population, when in fact it represents a serious public health problem, which is responsible for the development of many chronic diseases. Diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases are at the top of a long list of diseases associated with being overweight or obese.

The proliferation of fast food or “junk food” stores has significantly changed our eating habits, causing us to usually consume foods with a higher content of carbohydrates, saturated fat and sodium, which lead to greater weight gain.

Poor eating habits and the lack of physical activity or “sedentary lifestyle” that characterizes our current lifestyle, are undoubtedly primarily responsible for the alarming increase in obesity which, in conjunction with diabetes, has become a real epidemic that needs to stop.

While excess fat cells (adipocytes) accumulate in the abdominal adipose tissue, derived from excess consumption of calories in comparison to the small amount of calories we actually use, it causes our waist circumference to increase. When waist circumference increases, in turn, it increases the risk factors that lead to serious health problems.

Insulin resistance, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, and colon cancer, are a few of the serious health problems this may cause.

If we maintain an ideal weight, we won’t only reduce our risk of developing serious health problems but also, by being thinner, we’ll feel better with ourselves which will help raise our self-esteem and keep us motivated to stay fit.

Fortunately, controlling this situation is in our hands, because if we acquire healthy eating habits, we increase our physical activity and remain focused on having an appropriate body weight and waist circumference, we’ll avoid the emergence of cardiovascular diseases associated with being overweight and obese, which will allow us to enjoy a healthier, more productive and happier life.

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