How to modify our lifestyle to prevent Diabetes?

How to modify our lifestyle to prevent Diabetes?

The DPP or Diabetes Prevention Program, conclusively demonstrated that lifestyle changes, adopting healthy eating habits, increasing physical activity and reducing our body weight, was more effective in preventing new Type 2 Diabetes cases in high-risk people, when compared to taking Diabetes medications that reduce insulin resistance or glucose intolerance such as Metformin.

How the DPP lifestyle component affected the study was also very encouraging: “It’s encouraging to know that the DPP participants who successfully prevented an onset of Type 2 Diabetes, only had to lose 7 kilos (15 lb) or 5 to 7% of their weight,” said Anne Daly, NS; RD; LD; CDE; and President of Education and Health Care of the American Diabetes Association. She added: “A few diet changes, such as reducing fat intake and increased physical activity in a 30 minutes-a-day routine, usually walking, is sufficiently effective”.

To transpose the results of the DPP from the scientific world to the real world, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) gathered an expert Diabetes advisory group. This group will consider the DPP information and will instruct them so health care professionals can use these in their practice with people who have a high risk of developing Diabetes.

Also, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) quickly incorporated the DPP into prevention program messages and community events, and worked with the Diabetes Education National Program in the Diabetes and public health communities.

Diabetes is increasing dramatically and it’s estimated that over the next decade the number of people with Diabetes will double, which is why it’s considered the largest epidemic in humanity.

Losing a few kilos, eating healthier and walking 30 minutes per day, clearly and conclusively proved to be a powerful weapon to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

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