How can we know if we have a normal weight?

How can we know if we have a normal weight?

To easily determine if a person has a normal weight, they have to measure the ratio between their weight and height. This is known as “Body Mass Index” (BMI).

If you are using the Metric System, the formula for BMI is: Weight (in kilograms) divided by height in meters square (kg÷m2).

If you are using the English System the BMI Formula is: Weight (in pounds) divided by height in inches square and then multiply that number by 703 (Lb÷In2 X 703).


Body Mass Index (BMI)


ResultsWeight Prevalence
Less than 18.5Weight below normal
18.5-25Normal Weight
More than 35Severe or morvid obesity

The BMI is an extraordinary tool that allows us to know how our weight is and take any necessary steps to keep it under control.

Based on new medical protocols, besides from examining our BMI, it’s also important to check our waistline circumference, as fat cell accumulation in the abdominal adipose tissue may represent an important risk factor for the development of severe cardiovascular problems.

The key is prevention. By taking the steps we need to maintain a normal BMI and waist circumference, we’ll be preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases associated with being overweight and obese. Prevention will allow us to enjoy a better quality of life.


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Excess weight and obesity are the main responsible causes for the worldwide epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes. Excess fat accumulated in the adipose tissue, especially on the waist, can cause insulin resistance, in another word, the cells become less sensitive to signals, leading to Type 2 Diabetes.

Being aware of this serious situation, we at are committed to provide you with all of the education and updated information you need to minimize your risks of developing Type 2 Diabetes and prevent the onset of chronic complications in those who’ve already been diagnosed.

Keeping a normal weight is a key factor to achieve these goals, and it will also help you feel better about yourself and will allow you to enjoy a healthy, productive and happy life.

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