How to know if we have a normal body weight?

How to know if we have a normal body weight?

The balance between the amounts of calories found in the food we eat and the amount of energy our body needs to perform all the activities we do, will determine our body weight.

Overweight occurs when we have more calories intake than the amount of energy we expend, and is characterized by excess “energy reserves” in the form of fat, which accumulates in the body’s fatty tissues.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

ResultWeight Prevalence
Less than 18.5Weight below normal
18.5-25Normal Weight
More than 35Severe or morbid obesity

In order to easily determine if a person has a normal weight, the ratio between their weight and height needs to be calculated. This is known as “Body Mass Index” (BMI).

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated in Metric and English System. If you’re using the metric system, the BMI formula is: Weight in kilograms divide by height in meters square (kg/m2). If you’re using the English system, the BMI formula is: Weight in pounds (lbs.) divided by height in inches (in) squared and multiplied by a conversion factor of 703 (Lbs. /In.2 X 703).

The Body Mass Index or BMI is a useful tool used by physicians and other health professionals to classify weight prevalence, indicating whether our weight is below normal, if we have an ideal weight, if we are overweight or obese, and to what extent.

It’s very important for parents to teach their children through example, to be able to make the necessary lifestyle changes so their children can maintain an ideal weight. These lifestyle changes should include everyone in the family, by choosing the healthiest food, encouraging them to exercise more and to live in a pleasant and happy family atmosphere. With this we’ll be ensuring that our children, will have a healthier, productive and happier life.

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