Emotional Support is Important when you have Gestational Diabetes

Emotional Support is Important when you have Gestational Diabetes

If you have Gestational Diabetes, your family or friends may want to help you during your pregnancy as well as your doctor and the staff who work with him or her. You may have many fears or concerns. Write them down and take them with you to your next visit to the doctor. Talking to someone may help relieve your concerns.

Bringing someone you know to your doctor’s appointments is an excellent idea, as they can hear what is being said, they can also ask questions, and make you feel more relaxed.

Doing things that you enjoy can help distract you, talking with friends, walking, reading, singing, listening to music or going to your church to keep busy.

While you wait to see your doctor, talk to other mothers in the waiting room. You can even ask the nurse whether she can put you in touch with other women who have Gestational Diabetes to exchange experiences.

Another way to feel like you’re part of the team is through participating in preparatory labor classes, ask about this possibility. Above all, don’t forget to smile and keep your sense of humor, there’s nothing like laughter to rise one’s mood.

Being informed is very important when you have Gestational Diabetes


The most important thing throughout this really difficult experience is to have a healthy baby. We’ve given you a lot of information to read and learn. Please read it every time you need to, and do research about Diabetes and pregnancy as much as you can. The different sections of Diabetes up to Date will give you all the reliable information you need about Diabetes.

In addition, there are also several websites you can consult on the subject of pregnancy. Knowledge is an important source for happiness and tranquility. Above all, always remember that both you and your baby are very important to your doctor, your family and all others who love you.

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