BMI… A test that allows us to know how our weight is

BMI… A test that allows us to know how our weight is

Poor eating habits and a lack of exercise, which are typical of the lifestyle we currently lead, are responsible for the excess weight, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes epidemic that is affecting the world population.

Maintaining a normal body weight is essential to reduce the risks of developing Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Hypertension, dyslipidemia and other cardiovascular diseases associated with excess weight and obesity.

In order to easily determine whether a person has a normal weight, we need to measure the ratio between their weight and height. This is known as “Body Mass Index” (BMI).

Let’s remember that excess weight and obesity, which have an incidence that is growing by leaps and bounds, are primarily responsible for the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic. Excess fat cells (adipocytes) in the adipose tissue, especially around the waist, tend to lead to Insulin resistance, among other serious health problems. Insulin resistance is a condition that indicates a certain degree of cell sensitivity loss to insulin signals, preventing glucose from entering the cells so it can be used as fuel. This in turn makes blood glucose (glycemia) levels increase, as cells become more insulin resistant or glucose intolerant. If we don’t take all timely and necessary measures, the situation will worsen and glucose levels will reach Type 2 Diabetes values.

In addition to this, excess adipocytes (fat cells) may damage the endothelial tissue’s smooth functioning, which is the layer that lines all of the body’s arteries; this endothelial damage begins when the amount of nitric acid secreted by the endothelium decreases, which helps the arteries remain flexible, smooth and toned, otherwise they become increasingly rigid, hard and sticky, facilitating the adherence of bad cholesterol (LDL) molecules, which gradually causes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, a characteristic of a serious condition called atherosclerosis that can cause a lot of cardiovascular damage.

Fortunately, all these damages caused by excess body weight can be reduced or prevented, if we make all necessary lifestyle changes, follow a healthy eating plan, increase our physical activity or exercise, check our BMI and maintain a normal body weight. All of these efforts will give us the benefits and safety we need to enjoy a better quality of life.

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