Diabetes and Female Sexuality

Diabetes and Female Sexuality

Although there’s a wealth of information about sexuality and sexual problems in men with Diabetes, there’s very little about the effects of Diabetes on female sexuality. Even though this subject requires a lot of study, this information will help propagate knowledge on how to solve the problems caused by Diabetes on women’s sexual life.

A “normal sexual response” has four phases or stages, which are:

  • Desire
  • Excitation
  • Orgasm
  • Culmination

Desire, also known as “libido” refers to the interest in sex, specifically, how often do you feel like having sex, instead of how often do you actually have sex? Sexual thoughts or fantasies are expressions of desire a desire that leads to the other stages of the cycle. Having sex when one doesn’t actually have a desire to do so can adversely affect the other phases of a normal sexual response. The first physical sensations of sexual pleasure, announces the beginning of the following phase: excitation.


Utero1 Ovario
Fondo del útero
3 Útero matriz
4 Cuello del útero
5 Orificio
6 Recto
7 Vagina
8 Ano
9 Periné
10 Vulva apertura
11 Labios mayores
12 Labios menores
13 Meato urinario externo
14 Clítoris
15 uretra
16 Sínfilis púbica
17 Vejiga
18 Istmo de la trompa de
19 Fimbrias de la trompa de
20 Ampolla de la trompa de
21 Uréte

Blood flows into the “labia” (the folds of the external genitals) and the clitoris (a small, sensitive organ located just below the pubic bone) causing them to dilate or bulge. At the same time, the vagina expands and “sweats” lubricating drops, and nipples become erect. Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and muscle tension increase, and some women experience skin redness. The excitement level continues until reaching the “orgasm”.

In the orgasm, certain rhythmic contractions of the genital and anal area release pleasure waves. After orgasm, all of the physical changes of sexual arousal return to normal, leading to a sense of satisfaction and relaxation (culmination). If there’s no orgasm, culmination still comes, but gradually or more slowly.

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