Diabetes and Male Sexuality

Diabetes and Male Sexuality

Diabetes can cause problems in some men’s sexual lives and these can happen due to both physical and psychological factors (male sexual dysfunctions).

Male sexual dysfunctions are caused due to erection, ejaculation, orgasm, sensitivity and sexual desire disorders.


SexMasculino1 Intervertebral disc
2 Colon
3 Sacrum
4 Seminal vesicle
5 Ejaculatory duct
6 Scrotum
7 Testicle
8 Glans
9 Epididymis
10 Urethra
11 Spongiosum
12 Cavernosa
13 Penis
14 Prostate Gland
15 Pubis
16 Bladder
17 Ureter

Diabetes, when not properly controlled, can damage the blood vessels, arteries and veins, increasing the risk of male sexual dysfunctions due to physical factors. Diabetes can also lead to anxiety, insecurity, fear of failure, etc., psychological factors that can exacerbate these problems. However, if a man with Diabetes shows any type of sexual dysfunction, it shouldn’t necessarily be attributed to Diabetes, as there are many other causes for male sexual dysfunctions that have nothing to do with Diabetes.

The most common sexual dysfunction in men with Diabetes is erectile dysfunction or “impotence”.

Diabetes shouldn’t be an obstacle in your sex life, because if you keep your blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c levels under control and get medical checkups at least three times a year so your doctor can detect any problems in time, you can enjoy a full and healthy sex life. Other important recommendation include being aware of any neuropathy symptoms or signs to react on time so they won’t be a problem that may affect your sexuality; it’s also important to maintain a fearless and positive attitude, as this may affect your emotional state, and thus you’ll feel confident and will be able to enjoy pleasurable sex.

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