Diabetes represents the largest epidemic humanity

Diabetes represents the largest epidemic humanity

Diabetes has become a worldwide epidemic and projections from the World Health Organization, which indicated that by 2005 the number of people with diabetes would be 150 million, were largely exceeded, as there are now approximately 385 million people with Diabetes worldwide.

The number of overweight and obese children has increased in alarming proportions, and we need to make people become aware of this increasingly serious problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of obesity in children in the United States in the seventies was 15%, in 2000 it reached 25% and now exceeds 33%.

Being overweight and obese are, without doubt, the main responsible causes for this increase in new Type 2 Diabetes cases which have reached epidemic proportions, especially in children and adolescents.

That’s precisely why the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), presented the “Unite for Diabetes” campaign, which managed to get a resolution signed by the United Nations (UN) to increase interest from governments, so they’ll invest in prevention and education, and thus reduce these alarming figures that threaten to grow every day, if political leaders and governments don’t react immediately.

At Diabetes Up to Date, we have the commitment to educate and inform everyone who has been diagnosed with Diabetes, about all the aspects related to the proper control of Diabetes and prevention of chronic complications associated with its poor control. Similarly, we are deeply committed to inform the entire population about the risk factors that may develop into it, which is why we call everyone to join us in this awareness campaign, through which we encourage our children to adopt healthy eating habits and increase their physical activity, so they can be much happier, active and healthy, and when we achieve this, we could finally say… Mission Accomplished!

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