Metformin decreases mortality in people with Diabetes and cardiovascular problems

Metformin decreases mortality in people with Diabetes and cardiovascular problems

Metformin can decrease cases of death in people with Type 2 Diabetes who are at risk of cardiovascular events by 33% and by 24% in other causes of death among those with Type 2 Diabetes who use it.

By Joe Cardozo

In a multi centric study, Professor Ronan Roussel, MD, PhD, and his colleagues from the Groupe Hospitalier Bichat-Claude Bernard in Paris, found that there was a reduced incidence of mortality among those with Type 2 Diabetes who used Metformin, in comparison to those who didn’t.

“In secondary prevention patients, Metformin use was associated with a decrease in all death cases after a 2 year follow-up” stated Dr. Roussel, head of the research team.

Previous studies, including the UKPDS, had already suggested that Metformin could reduce general cases of death in people with Type 2 Diabetes.

To explore the relationship between Metformin and reduced mortality, Dr. Roussel and his colleagues searched for information in the REACH (Reduction of Atherosclerosis for Continuous Health) study records, in which more than 67,000 patients from 44 countries participated, whose aim was to investigate the risk factors of cardiovascular events in patients at risk of atherothrombotic disease and thus be able to use management strategies and risk factors control.

In this analysis, Dr. Roussel and his team found the records of 19,699 patients with type 2 Diabetes, who were over 45 years of age, and who had a documented diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or other atherothrombotic risk factor. During the two years of this study, 1,270 deaths were registered. Only 40% of these patients (7,980) were treated with Metformin and these were the ones that tended to look healthier and had better renal function.

The researchers found that there was a 33% reduction in mortality incidence in those patients with Diabetes and cardiovascular risk who used the drug in comparison to those who didn’t. The mortality only decreased by 24% in patients with Diabetes who died due to cardiovascular-related causes or other causes.

According to Dr. Roussel, further analysis showed that the protective effect of Metformin could be even more beneficial in women with Type 2 Diabetes, aged 40 to 80 years and with a history of heart failure.

Dr. Roussel concluded that the research results are consistent with the UKPDS results, as well as those of other 2 clinical trials which focused on observing patients with Diabetes and heart failure and that its results need to be explored with greater emphasis in future studies.

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