Good Diabetes control at the Beach

Good Diabetes control at the Beach

One of the pleasures of going on holiday is walking barefoot. If your child keeps his glycemia levels reasonably controlled, any cut or wound they get will heal well. If their blood sugar levels are consistently high, this could increase the occurrence of infections, which is why it’s advisable to avoid all problems by avoiding being barefoot. However, there’s no reason why your child shouldn’t walk barefoot, even though it’s preferable for them not to do so. If a wound or cut becomes red or painful, check it with your doctor.

As for tanning, it’s good to know that bronzer contributes to dehydration and dry skin and children with Diabetes are more susceptible to these conditions, especially when their blood sugar level is high. Also, when knowing that UV-rays can cause skin cancer and dryness, it makes sense for everyone, not only for people with Diabetes, to protect their skin with the use of lotions created for this purpose.

Planning is key to make sure your child has a safe and happy holiday. Perhaps, you might feel overwhelmed at times, by having to carry food and medicine, but the fact is that not having these important elements for Diabetes control can make you feel even worse. In that sense, even though it may take some “trial and error” time to achieve the right combination of insulin, food and exercise, in less time than you think, you’ll have achieved a regime that will ensure good Diabetes control for your child during vacations.

Suggestions in case of sunstroke


  • Skin redness, painful at touch
  • Pupil dilation
  • Dry skin, sometimes blistered
  • Quick pulse, shortness of breath
  • Fever and headaches

General Recommendations

  • Place the person in a fresh area
  • Cover their head with cold compresses
  • If the person is dressed, loosen their clothes
  • If they lose consciousness, place them in a horizontal position with legs elevated above the rest of the body
  • Call your doctor for an urgent consultation

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