Final Recommendations on good eyesight for people with Diabetes

Final Recommendations on good eyesight for people with Diabetes

Several characteristic symptoms of some of the main diseases related to vision are:

  • Lens color change and lack of clarity, in Cataracts.
  • High eye pressure and pain, in Glaucoma.
  • Dryness and sandy sensation in the eyes, in Dry Eye Syndrome.
  • Flashes, flashing lights, floaters and bent straight lines for macular problems, either due to Diabetic Retinopathy or macular degeneration.

It is crucial for you to visit your ophthalmologist as soon as you feel any of the mentioned symptoms or warning signs, as timely detection of any problem can be key for you to maintain good eyesight.

In addition to the above symptoms, the following symptoms should also make you seek urgent attention with your ophthalmologist.

  • Momentary loss of vision (a few minutes). This may indicate a more serious problem. It isn’t good to remain calm just because your vision returned, as this could be a symptom or threat of stroke, which in many cases can be prevented if treated on time.
  • Halos around lights, especially if they are accompanied by pain. This can be a symptom of high eye pressure (glaucoma).
  • Any sudden reduction in vision. If blurring is due to hyperglycemia, it should be rapidly normalized (within hours) by treating elevated glucose levels Otherwise you’ll need to call your ophthalmologist.

Diabetes has been the worldwide leading cause of blindness, but this shouldn’t persist. Advances in diagnostic procedures, surgery and laser techniques, can successfully protect patients’ eyesight, who would have lost had it happened years before.

Many degenerative conditions can be treated if detected early, therefore, make sure you get a complete eye exam often and from a specialized ophthalmologist.

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