The importance of visiting a Podiatrist to maintain good Foot Care

The importance of visiting a Podiatrist to maintain good Foot Care

On your first visit, your doctor should perform a thorough physical examination of your foot and inquire any relevant history. This is the first step to define any current problem and prevent them in the future.

During routine doctor visits, the doctor must also:

  • Ask about any possible leg or feet pain when sitting, standing or walking.
  • Perform a physical examination of the foot to see if there are calluses, scrapes, wounds, ulcers or any type of problem.
  • Check your pulse (behind the knee or behind the feet).
  • Check feet and toe responses to vibration and sensitivity.

Proper foot care in people with Diabetes is a specialty where few doctors are well trained. Therefore, for those who require special routine foot care, the recommendation is to consult with a podiatrist or nurse who’s specialized in foot care. Ask your diabetologist for a recommendation.

If you have Diabetes you need to visit a Podiatrist regularly

  • Visit your podiatrist doctor at least once a year and make sure he or she examines you as we suggested.
  • Ask your podiatrist whenever you notice signs of any problem: inflammation between the toes, fungal infection, reddening or injury. You and your doctor should always work as a team.
  • Act quickly when you see any symptoms of a problem.

Early care can make a big difference between antibiotics use and hospitalization or even surgery. Remember that prevention and proper treatment can decrease cases of amputation by more than 85%.

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