New noninvasive Continuous Glucose Measurement system that DOESN’T require pricking, is already in the European market

New noninvasive Continuous Glucose Measurement system that DOESN’T require pricking, is already in the European market

We live in a time of various scientific advances which have revolutionized and will continue to revolutionize Diabetes treatment and control, making it more effective, safer, easier and more accurate. That’s why Abbott®, one of the leading pharmaceutical industry companies, didn’t stay behind and launched a noninvasive Continuous Glucose Measurement system to the European market, FreeStyle Free ™, after receiving approval from the agency that regulates medicines in the European Community (EC). We also hope that the federal agency that regulates Food and Drug Administration in the United States (FDA) will soon issue its approval of this extraordinary glucose monitoring device so millions of people with Diabetes in the Americas, can also take advantage of the enormous benefits it offers to achieve optimal control without having to recur to the annoying, uncomfortable and indiscreet finger or arm prick.

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By Joe Cardozo

Several studies and clinical trials have shown that millions of people with Diabetes can’t achieve good glucose levels control because they don’t check their blood glucose levels as often as they should, by avoiding pinching their fingers several times a day, as well as having to undergo the discomfort and inconvenience associated with using traditional blood glucose monitoring devices. This situation increases the risk of irreversible damage to the body due to elevated blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) or of being exposed to dangerous hypoglycemia or “low sugar” episodes which can occur unexpectedly.

The New noninvasive Continuous Glucose Measurement system can fix this situation

FreeStyle Free™, is the name the multinational company Abbott® gave to this fabulous device, which was launched to the European market last year and will undoubtedly offer huge advantages as well as the possibility of enjoying an excellent quality of life to millions of people with Diabetes across the planet. FreeStyle Free™ provides glucose levels information continuously, makes graphics indicating trends of both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and the best thing is that it’s noninvasive, i.e., it doesn’t require the user to prick his or her finger, helping them obtain discreetly precise and safe information on their blood glucose levels whenever they need them.

But how does this noninvasive continuous monitoring system work?

The FreeStyle Free™ has two sensors. A discreet disposable sensor that is inserted subcutaneously into the forearm skin through a small and very thin filament, which remains stuck due to a small adhesive pillow, and which provides blood glucose levels through an interstitial fluid (which is what the brain uses to detect glucose levels) and gives continuous results every minute and in real time, for 14 days. After this time this sensor has to be replaced by a new one. The other one is a manual sensor that has the size of a SmartPhone, with which the user scans the results from their arm whenever they want, and stores the information of the past 90 days, indicating trends and making graphics that can be reviewed and analyzed by the user, their family and treating physician to make important decisions and any necessary adjustments.

Other features provided by this new glucose meter, include not having to calibrate it and being very discreet, as it can be placed in the forearm and not be out in the open to provide glycemia results.

Pricewise, the initial package or full kit of this device costs € 179 (about $ 243), which makes it pretty cheap considering that for only €59 (about $ 80), which is the price of the disposable sensor, the user can obtain continuous glycemia results every minute, every day for two weeks and in a safe, convenient, discreet and less annoying and painful way, providing optimal Diabetes control and helping them avoid dangerous sudden and unforeseen hypoglycemia or “low sugar” episodes.

“The FreeStyle Free System solves a great need in patients with Diabetes,” stated Robert Ford, vice president of the Abbott Diabetes Care Division, and concluded by saying “Our consumers told us that pain, inconvenience and the indiscretion of having to prick their fingers to get measurements, were key factors for not controlling their Diabetes as they should. Fixing this issue has led to the development of this system, which was not only designed to eliminate the pain of pricking fingers, but also to integrate measurements into their daily life.”

At Diabetes Up to Date we celebrate the launching of this new device and expect it to be available worldwide soon

There’s no doubt that this revolutionary noninvasive Continuous Glucose Measurement system will benefit millions of people with Diabetes, because it’ll simplify  blood glucose monitoring and rid it of inconveniences and annoyances, making it an easy to carry part of a daily routine, which will obviously greatly reduce the risk of developing the dreaded chronic complications associated with poorly controlled Diabetes. That’s why, we also make a call to the FDA to approve this device’s use and marketing as soon as possible in the Americas so everyone can enjoy a healthier, more productive and happier life.

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