Overweight in children… What to do when our children eat away from home?

Overweight in children… What to do when our children eat away from home?

Ideally, all schools should provide more nutritional information and education to all their students, make changes to the school menu, offer healthier meals and promote the need to increased physical activity and sports both at school and at home.

Parents should ensure that their children receive a healthy diet, when they’re at school or when they go on school trips. Find out what types of foods are included in the school menu and if they include large amounts of saturated fats and rapid absorption carbohydrates or simple carbohydrates, prepare them a lunch box or lunch bag everyday with foods that are low in saturated fat, containing all the nutrients they need in a balanced way and which are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

It’s very important for parents to teach their children why it’s so bad for them to eat in fast food places, because these types of food are rich in saturated trans or hydrogenated fats, simple carbohydrates, sodium, and are very poor in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This results in an excess of calories and poor diet, which leads to excess weight and obesity. Hydrogenated or trans fats are a type of industrialized fat, processed by joining hydrogen molecules so they can last longer, which at the same time, makes it harder for the body to dissolve, turning it into a type of dangerous fat. Excess weight and obesity cause a variety of serious health problems, among them we can mention a few like: Type 2 Diabetes, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases in premature ages.

Fortunately, the restaurant industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of offering healthy alternatives to the population, which will undoubtedly help reduce the dramatic incidence of excess weight, obesity and their related diseases.

That’s why with the commitment we have at Diabetes Up to Date, of caring for the health of the entire community, we’ve developed a new multimedia platform that offers to people with risk factors, all the information and education they need to prevent a diagnosis of Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases associated with Excess weight and Obesity.

Let us all work together, so we can combat Excess weight, Obesity, Diabetes and all of the diseases associated with them and thus be able to offer our children a healthier and happier future.

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