What can you do if your child is overweight?

What can you do if your child is overweight?

It’s very important for parents to understand, that they need to make sure their children aren’t overweight and to know that if they are, this represent a problem that can cause harmful consequences on their children’s health. Some clinical trials have shown that in many cases, parents visit the doctor because they think their children are too thin, when they actually have an ideal weight and, on the other hand, generally don’t consult a specialist when their children are overweight, believing their children are strong, sturdy and healthy.

This belief, which has no scientific basis and is completely false, is largely responsible for the increase in numbers of overweight and obese children, which in turn represents a dramatic increase in diseases related to excess body weight.

Fortunately, excess weight, obesity and the diseases associated with them can be prevented and largely avoided if adequate lifestyle changes are introduced in time. It is therefore essential to develop awareness and educational campaigns for the whole community, focused on changing the “current lifestyle”, acquiring “healthier eating habits” and increasing physical activity in our children and adolescents.

It is very important for us to promote a culture of healthy eating in our children, so they know what foods they should choose and to reduce consumption of foods which are high in carbohydrates and fat. On the other hand, we must combat a sedentary lifestyle and encourage them to exercise regularly, instead of sitting in front of the TV or playing “video games”.

The good news is that if we change our children’s lifestyle today, remain more informed and educated about healthy food choices, increase physical activity and encourage a culture that knows about body weight and being fit, we will be preventing overweight in our children, and freeing them from the multiple diseases caused by excess weight, so they can enjoy an excellent quality of life.

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What can I do if my child is overweight?