Manicure/Pedicure Spas… Are safe for people with diabetes?

Manicure/Pedicure Spas… Are safe for people with diabetes?

In these modern times, good presence and beauty have become very important in our lives and play a key role, not only when we attend social gatherings, but also in our daily lives, when we go to school or work. For this reason, the “Spa” where they perform manicures and pedicures are proliferating every day, greatly increasing the number of people who come to these places.

Specialized staff in these “Spa” saloons will give your hands and feet maintenance and care they need so they look great. On the other hand, these “Spa” are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and spend pleasant and relaxing moments while hands and feet receive a deserved care and attention.

The most important question that many should ask before going to one of these “Spa” should be, If I have Diabetes will it harm me to go to one of these centers? The best qualified to answer this question are, your doctor Diabetologist or Podiatrist (the foot specialist doctor) and this will depend on how good was your control of Diabetes and if you have any condition that may affect circulation or sensitivity, especially feet.

People with diabetes who do not exercise adequate control of their blood glucose levels and Hemoglobin A1c can develop, over time, irreversible damage or chronic complications. Some of these complications may obstruct or affect the normal blood flow to the legs, such as peripheral arterial disease or neutralize the sensitivity of their nerves, touch, temperature and pain, especially in the feet and legs, such as Diabetic Neuropathy.

If you have Peripheral Artery Disease or Diabetic Neuropathy you should not attend these “Spa”

Neuropathy is a chronic complication associated with poor control of diabetes, which affects about 60% of people with diabetes. Diabetic Neuropathy is nerve damage, which neutralizes the sensitivity of people to touch, temperature and pain, so they can have a wound and not even feel it.

Moreover, Peripheral Artery Disease is increasingly obstructing the flow of blood through the arteries to the legs and feet. When this happens circulation is severely affected, increasing the risk that a small wound can become a nightmare.

Another important reason why doctors recommend that people with diabetes do not attend these places is because they represent a higher risk of infection.

Why the risk of infection increases when we go to a manicure and pedicure “Spa” ?

The “Spa” that offer manicure and pedicure can predispose people to infections there, because in many cases specialized technicians use tools and utensils several times, giving a chance to transmit an infection from one person to another.

The Environmental Protection Agency EPA, warns users of these premises of the existence of Mycobacterium Fortuitum, a bacteria which is responsible for most infections. This bacteria lives in warm waters, such as that used in tubs or containers of these places and is difficult to remove. Infections can enter the body through open wounds as small wounds by pushing and cutting nail cuticle, scraping the calluses on the feet, skin lesions caused by shaving, skin irritation by waxing, cut inappropriate nails and insect bites, among others. It is also important to note that if a person with diabetes who has circulation problems or sensitivity goes to one of these centers will not be served by a specialist in foot care in people with diabetes, as is a podiatrist or a chiropodist , making their chances of infection increase greatly. A wound or injury that may seem small could quickly become a serious infection, which in turn may increase the chance of getting to require amputation of a toe, foot or even the entire limb.

Visit your podiatrist its the best way to avoid serious health problems

The Podiatrist is a specialist in maintaining proper foot care in people with diabetes doctor, and knows how to cut your nails properly, safely and effectively, making sure that when he does it no infection will occur, preventing this way any kind of problem that could eventually lead to an amputation.

Diabetes is the leading cause of amputation in lower members worldwide. Fortunately it was found that in 85% of cases amputations can be prevented, if people know how to avoid infection, and when they arise, how to act immediately and how to solve this problem.

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