Everyone against Overweight, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Everyone against Overweight, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Remember that overweight and obesity in children, whose incidence is growing at a very rapid pace, are primarily responsible for the Type 2 Diabetes epidemic in children and adolescents. Excess fat cells (adipocytes) in the adipose tissue, especially around the waist, tends to lead to Insulin Resistance, among other serious health problems. Insulin resistance is a condition that indicates a certain degree of loss in cell sensitivity to insulin signals, preventing glucose from entering the cells to be used as fuel. This in turn leads blood glucose (glycemia) levels to rise as cells become more insulin resistant or glucose intolerant. If we don’t take timely necessary measures, the situation will worsen and glucose levels will reach values, where they’ll be considered as Type 2 Diabetes in children or adolescents.

In addition to this, excess adipocytes (fat cells) may damage the smooth functioning of the endothelial tissue, which is the layer that lines all of the body’s arteries; This damage to the endothelium begins when the amount of nitric oxide that the endothelium needs to segregate so the arteries remain flexible, smooth and toned decreases, making them become increasingly rigid, hard and sticky over time, which in turn facilitates bad cholesterol (LDL) molecules to adhere and little by little will cause the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which are characteristic of a serious condition called Atherosclerosis, which can cause several cardiovascular damages.

The STOPP-T2D study showed that overweight and obesity are related to the occurrence and development of health problems that increase the risk factors of developing cardiovascular diseases at increasingly premature ages.

It’s imperative for both health authorities from all countries and the general population, to take control of this situation, to reduce the alarming increase of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents, because if it continues this way, they may suffer several health problems that could be prevented if we act quickly.

At Diabetes Up to Date, we maintain a permanent education and information campaign, so the population with risk factors can avoid a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, and we can prevent as well the onset of chronic complications associated with poorly controlled Diabetes, in people who’ve already been diagnosed.

The good news is that these health problems can be avoided if we lower our body weight to reach an ideal level, and maintain our BMI between 20-25, making sure we avoid the appearance of all of the diseases associated with overweight and obesity, so we can enjoy a healthy, productive and happy life.

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