Diabetes and Trips during Vacations

Diabetes and Trips during Vacations

The inactivity of sitting in a car for hours and all the random snacks we eat on the highway or plane, can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The tactic that the parents have of feeding their children when they are restless during a car trip, can be problematic, even if these are healthy snacks, such as popcorn; doing so continuously over several hours can raise blood sugar levels. Traveling to places with time differences can confuse meal and insulin schedules even further.

Control Strategies

  • Before traveling by car, check with your child’s physician for the possibility of increasing their NPH insulin dose, and pack healthy snacks to avoid having to rely on (sometimes unhealthy) food of the road. Include vegetables such as: sliced carrot, soft drinks, etc.

In addition remember to bring devices where they can play video games on the trip, to keep the child busy.

  • When traveling by plane, ask in advance if the flight includes a snack or meal. A regular meal (without dessert) is healthy enough for your child. Bring extra food in any case, such as: fruit or biscuits to supplement any food deficiency from the one they offer.
  • If you travel to a place where there is a time difference, your child may only need a small snack time alteration to make all the difference. Any time change greater than an hour can affect Diabetes control so you must find a way to adjust their insulin regime and administration schedule. Set up a schedule with your child’s doctor in which you take into account: insulin action, their usual meal schedule, snacks and schedules changes from the place you’ll travel to. Also, make sure to pack their glucose monitor, insulin and injectors.
  • Don’t forget to pack extra insulin supplies, injectors, blood and urine test strips and a blood glucagon kit. Remember, that you might not be able to get the medicines you need at the place you’re traveling to.
  • Never travel to new or desolate places without a glucagon kit.


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